John Alan Harrison Photography

Added 15-01-2024
A cold, misty and windy day heading up to High Crag and Nethermost Pike.
Added 23-10-2023
Morecambe Bay from near Hampsfell above Grange Over Sands.
Added 04-09-2023
A Red Darter basking in the sun.
Added 10-08-2023
Kite Surfer and Wind Farm at North Scale, Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness.
Added 29-07-2023
Steam Engine Detail.
Added 23-06-2023
Light Emerald Moth (Campaea Margaritata).
Added 02-05-2023
Old spanners hang on a workshop wall.
Added 17-04-2023
It was a shame to see an old tree cut down, it had Ash die back, but the remaining stump provided an interesting picture.
Added 12-03-2023
A cairn near the top of Grisedale Pike
Added 28-02-2023
Red Dear Stags.
In all the years I have been walking and climbing in the Lake District I have only seen wild dear on a few occasions usually in the distance. I got lucky today!
Added 28-01-2023
The City of London.
Added 28-11-2022
The summit of Dow Crag appears from the mist for a few moments before disappearing again.
Added 22-10-2022
The old Oakdale house boat at Askam beach.
Added 05-07-2022
Cardiff Bay.
Added 18-05-2022
Detail from the incredible 'God of War' mural in Carlisle.
I like the abstract nature of the juxtaposition between the wall structure and the painted hand.
Added 29-04-2022
While sorting out and tending to her various potted plants my wife moved this one and it suddenly caught the light and my imagination. I grabbed a dark card, propped it behind the plant and took this. I was quite pleased with my spur of the moment effort.
Added 20-03-2022
View down Dovedale. The building at the far side of the valley is the Brotherswater Inn.
Added 26-02-2022
Helm Crag from Loughrigg.
Added 06-01-2022
A dull wet day then the sun briefly shone through the trees making everything shine.
Added 03-12-2021
On a cloudless cold winter morning the sun rose above the ridge behind me and suddenly lit up the scene with intense light that made the brown winter fell sides glow. A little later I came across some nice ice.
Added 17/11/2021
In November our local photography group managed to get going again and we had a visit from the warden of the local owl sanctuary along with some of their rescued birds.
Most of the time the birds were quite placid so I was pleased to capture this bit of action as the handler took the bird from it's perch.
Added 16/10/2021
Back in April I added a picture taken from Black Coomb with a faint Isle of Man in the distance. Well here is the Isle of Man again. This time it’s floating in the sky above a silver sea.
Added 15/09/2021
I only had a moderate lens on my camera when I spotted this youngster. I spent quite a bit of time sneaking closer and closer to try and get a shot, every time I moved though he got very agitated and noisy. Eventually managed to get this but he definitely did not want his portrait taking.
Added 15/08/2021
A day of subdued lighting painting the fells in lovely soft muted tones. The sky always looked like it was going to rain but none came.
Added 14/07/2021
Bright Lights! What else can I say?
Added 29/06/2021
One of the great things about photography is that it makes you look at things more closely than perhaps you would normally. And when you do you find all sorts of amazing things.
Added 24/04/2021
This was taken on the way up a mountain called Black Combe. I have been this way many times but have never seen the view quite like this before. I was struck by the contrast of the purple heather against the russets and greens and that the amazing blue sea beyond. You can just see the Isle Of Man in the hazy distance.
Added 21/03/2021
We get big skies around Furness but a storm building over Roa and Piel Islands amplified the effect. The rain came down heavy then was gone in a moment as the wind blew the clouds away. Plenty of puff to power the wind turbines today. 
Added 29/12/2020
The Leven Viaduct at dusk and sunset at Ulverston Sands (Wadhead Scar). 
Added 29/11/2020
A misty and murky day for a lock down walk. I like the stark remains of the old structures contrasting with the gentle softness of Walney Island in the misty distance.
Added 16/10/2020
Trees, bracken, sunlight, a magical combination.
Added 27/09/2020
Another hard light day, this was taken quite early in the morning and already not a cloud in the sky and bright sun. The harsh light worked ok for this image I think though.
Added 24/08/2020
We went for a walk over Kikby Moor to see the Heather, it was in full bloom looking (and smelling) fantastic. It was a very bright day though so the light was a bit harsh, not the best for landscapes .
I liked the way the heather mimics the shape of Black Coombe in this shot. I had not noticed that when I took it.
Added 27/07/2020
A walk along the shore at Walney. It was one of those days when the light and colours were very muted so I thought a simple black and white would best convey the mood.
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